Veleda Kalmar

Exact translation: Wisdom Trader

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf W Ft Ins Cor
27 41 31 30 26 60 40 45 30 47 12 3 4 12

Homeworld: Frontier World
Rely on None but Yourself: +20 to Tech-Use when applying personal weapon mods, +10 when repairing damaged items
Aptitude: Ballistic Skill

Background: Adeptus Administratum
Master of Paperwork: Availability of all items is one level more available
Aptitude: Social

Role: Sage
Quest for Knowledge: Spend a Fate point to automatically succeed at a Logic or any Lore skill test with a number of degrees of success equal to Int Bonus
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Tech, Willpower

Divination: Humans must die so that humanity can endure (Receives Jaded)

Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, General, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Psyker, Social, Tech, Willpower

Skills: Awareness 2, Commerce 4, Common Lore (Adeptus Administratum), Forbidden Lore (Criminal Cartels and Smugglers), Interrogation 1, Linguistics (High Gothic), Logic, Medicae, Navigate (Surface), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Legend), Scrutiny, Security, Tech-Use, Trade (Armourer) 3

Talents: Ambidextrous, Armour-Monger, Constant Vigilance (Intelligence), Enemy: Babyfaces (Desoleum) & Sable Traders, Hardened Soul, Inescapable Attack (Ballistic), Infused Knowledge, Jaded, Keen Intuition, Nowhere to Hide, Peer: Fleshcutters, Rogue Trader (Anzaforr), Sanctionaries, Weapon Training (Solid Projectile)

Gear On Person: Macro-Stubber+ Cmpct+ Exp. Mag+ 4-arm-mnt+ Targeter+ 5 clips (1 Expander) 7kg, Force Sword + Custom Grip 5kg, Buckler (+1AP to Bod, AL, +10 to Parry) 3kg, Best Militarum tempestus carapace 15kg, Imperial robes 4kg, Autoquill, Filtration plugs, Microbead, Backpack 2kg (Total carry weight: 36/36kg)

Gear In Backpack: Sniper rifle + Custom grip + Silencer + Red-dot sight + Sacred Inscriptions + 4 clips (1 Expander) 8kg, Plasma Pistol + C. Grip + Fluid Action + Motion Predictor + Red-Dot Sight+ 2 plasma canisters 5.4kg, Chameleoline cloak .5kg, Good Stablight .5kg, Dataslate .5kg, Multi-Key, Medi-kit & Field Suture 2.5kg (Total stored weight: 17.4/30kg)

Elite Advances
Psyker (Psy Rating 1, Aptitude: Psyker)

Poor Health: -2 Toughness

Conditions & Cybernetics
Good Bionic right arm

Psychic Powers

Intelligence 1: 100xp
Commerce 1: 100xp
Scrutiny 1: 100xp
Tech-Use 1: 100xp
Trade (Armourer) 1 and 2: 300xp
Armour-Monger Talent: 300xp
Nowhere to hide Talent: 300xp
Security 1: 100xp
Ballistic Skill 1: 250xp
Intelligence 2: 250xp
Infused Knowledge Talent: 400xp
Awareness 1: 200xp
Keen Intuition Talent: 100xp
Intelligence 3: 500xp
Commerce 2: 200xp
Willpower 1: 250xp
Inescapable attack: 450xp
Awareness 2: 400xp
Forbidden Lore (Criminal Cartels and Smugglers): 100xp
Commerce 3: 300xp
Perception 1: 250xp
Navigate (Surface) 1: 200xp
Interrogation 1: 100xp
Psyker: 300xp
Psyniscience: 100xp
Willpower 2: 250xp
Hardened Soul: 450xp
Constant Vigilance: 450xp
Commerce 4: 400xp
Intelligence 4: 750xp
Trade (Armourer): 300xp

Total: 8350xp


Frontier: Born in isolation
Had Vel been born millenia earlier, a life of toil in farming fields of Ruc (See: The Sentinels) would be all to know. But the change from dedicated agri-world to beseiged frontier world set Vel on a different path.

Before it’s final days and the conclusion of Ruc’s greatest gambit, one for the gellar of The Fount, life planetside was one of defiant survival in the face of steep odds. A dwindling population and desperate priorities saw a sharp withdrawal from agriculture, but the people of Ruc had more than enough food and water, with some families maintaining traditional farming roles throughout generations. Most others found roles to suit themselves, providing services such as protection (from the fauna, from the mutant, from the psyker), others provided reason and sense in desperate times. Reciprocity went hand-in-hand with self-reliance, with continued survival being a balance of co-operation and self-interest. Get too greedy and the mob would turn on you, get too generous and you’d not have enough for yourself. Adapt or expire was the mantra of Ruc.

Amongst the many talents and skills of Ruc’s people, none was more prized than the intellect and determination of the Tinkerers; those willing and able to scavenge, repair, rebuild and invent technology. While even the most lowly mechanicus thrall would baulk at the rampant tech-heresy, disregard for faith and keen intuition prevailed for millenia.

Veleda was one such Tinkerer. With experimentation Vel developed means to utilise bio-fuels, of which the world had plenty, to alter weapons for greater durability against the environment and extend the lifespan of almost all tech encountered.

What separated Vel from other Tinkerer peers was the pursuit of efficiency, not only in devices but in people. Piecing together a great cogitator, Vel collated data on the most immediate people around Ruc, determining age, expertise, health and similar statistics. This glimmer of order in a godless world caught on, with copies of the cogitator appearing in near and distant settlements, each using data to improve the lives of those across continents. This fascination was just gaining steam when the remnants of the Welbeck Dynasty fleet drifted into orbit. Lucky to survive the impacts of detritus, Vel was far from the first to construct a vox caster to greet their guests, but was the only one to alter a device for a clear, usable signal.

Almost inevitably, Vel was selected to join the salvage and repair teams for the ships in orbit, and had to suppress the desire to see the Astropaths killed rather than saved from each vessel. The stories of their ancestors stressed caution.

The same teams descended upon The Fount to retrieve the gellar field generator. Vel’s familiarity with firearms leading to some close calls instead of violent death. Years of fear and strife met true horrors in the hollow corners of that dreadful world.

Vel was one of the last to be catalogued during the system evacuation. Argumentative towards unproven authority and resistant to the echoes of the forgotten Emperor, Vel’s reputation and body of work won out an influential, fringe-thinking member of the Adeptus Administratum, narrowly saving Vel from cleansing fire. Instead being doomed to the endless data reels of the Administratum.

Background: Adeptus Administratum
The desperate fight for survival that was life on Ruc would be but a fleeting moment compared to the timeless creep of the Adeptus Administratum. Nevertheless, even doubling Vel’s years toiling in choking corridors could not diminish the drive for efficiency and balance.

Eventually excelling at all roles, be they rote recording, document delivery or device repair, there was plenty of time to pore over documents from across the Askellon sector. If the experiences within the storm weren’t enough to justify much of the stalwart faith and furious xenophobia, the tales in these tombs were.

Vel delved into the knowledge, eschewing the expected social graces but showing infinite dedication to perfecting the work and not seeing this wasted. As patterns started forming between people of the Imperium, great deedss of the human race and technological legends, Vel continually drew the attention of superiors, but impressed and suspicious.

As Vel began to trace the stories of certain figures who demonstrated an openness to saving humanity through more means than just war and fire, a particularly inventive decree from an Inquisitor arrived. For a time Vel was tasked with logistical problems for solving on worlds and with people both near and far, all for an Inquisitor neither directly seen nor heard.

Extensive and exemplary service culminated in an edict to travel offworld in service of this Inquisitor, including management of transportation for two other acolytes. It is unknown if Vel was made an acolyte more to save humanity from it’s own fate, or Veleda from herself.

Height: 5.5 feet
Weight: 62 kg
Build: Lean
Skin tone: Sun-bronzed ancestry turned pale through years in Administratum catacombs. Ink-blackened lips from years with cheap quills, bodily branding scars (both recent and ancient) hidden due to misplaced shame.
Hair: Brunette, buzz cut.
Mannerisms: Logical, brisk, measured
Clothing: Typically within Administratum robes, but comfortable in most armour and especially so when quietly hidden within a chameleoline cloak.
Weapons: Conventional models wholly indistinguishable through extensive customisations.
Quirks: Distrustful of new people until they prove themselves
Curios: A small satchel of dried crops from Ruc’s farmland (calming nostalgia through olfaction), an unidentified map fragment found during the first year at Adeptus Administratum (inexplicably important, effectively memorised), a consistent supply of quality recaf.

Introduction to the Warband
The cacophonic din of the busy shuttle bay and the innumerable protestations of the waxy socialite she had just met did little to distract Vel from her work. As she compared the manifest dataslate and official script expertly balanced in her hand she ran her “new” autoquill down the page. Arrival time for the supply shuttle was off by almost exactly the time she had estimated, and as the expected craft doors hissed slowly open, Vel glanced at her chrono and tutted quietly to herself. She could have savoured that recaf a few moments more.

Her incredulous and ostentatious companion had turned her obvious disatisfaction to the armour-clad beast stomping down the ramp towards them. While the “Noble” had clearly been purturbed by the ignoble means of transport that Vel had secured for her, the miserable storage space that the gladiator had survived in seemed to suit his liking.

As the two polar forces bickered, Vel flicked to the back of her tome, signed a page, tore it away and swiftly passed it to the shuttle pilot, who had only just approached to request it. When she turned her attention back to the goliath who had just finished muttering about children. Vel wasn’t offended, she agreed with distrusting the unfamiliar, scorning the burdensome. As she noted the observation in her extensive dossier on the Feudal worlder, she smirked to herself.

Cheap transportation would be a source of endless entertainment in future.

Veleda Kalmar

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