Gallowsway points of interest


Charnel Houses: Each of the major Carrion Guild families of the Gallowsway maintains a house to store the dead before processing. They are given numerical designations rather than names, the faded numbers on their doors the only way to distinguish one rusted, corpse-filled building from another.

The Drains: Even though the Gallowsway contains far more dead than living, the workers too need a place to sleep and rest in their fleeting moments of downtime. The main hab block is known as the Drains, because of the constant stream of vile water that passes through it from above. Located at the end of the primary conveyor hub, it stretches towards the hive wall in a series of prefabricated containers stacked one on top of the other. Originally, these containers were used for transporting goods from the lower city in more prosperous times, but since have become ad-hoc housing. Walking the Drains at any time can be dangerous, not just because of the local thieves and thugs, but also due to of its unstable construction which constantly moves or shakes as people travel across it. Flash floods can also catch travelers unawares, as torrents from above can push a container off balance and cause an entire section to come crashing down.

Scrap Market: Where there are people, there is some semblance of trade and markets, even in the Gallowsway where most goods are discards from above. A thriving market in scrap and trash exists in the shadow of the Drains, and there are avenues devoted to buying, selling, and trading rubbish of all kinds. Most of the items which make it to the scrap market are taken off the dead, the few possessions not already pilfered before they were sent down for disposal.

Boneyard: There is usually little left of a body after treatment at the Mortuarius except a scant bone shards and teeth, but sometimes the workers are too lazy (or too busy) to take care of these few remains, and they are dumped into the Gallowsway. Over centuries this human refuse has built up, and by some unspoken arrangement is swept away to a far corner of the level known as the Boneyard. Filled with mounds of bone dust and splinters, the Boneyard is a mournful and eerie place, shunned by most of the locals. Some adventurous scavengers are drawn to it, though tales of terrible creatures lured from the Underhive by the stench of death are usually enough to keep most away.


Purity Gate: It is an impossible task for the Sanctionaries to stop traffic between the lower hive and the Underhive, given the nature of lower Desoleum City and the countless ducts, vents, shafts, and lifts that link the two regions together. Within the Gallowsway, attempts have been made to keep the local gangs in check (especially the Red Walk) by creating a Purity Gate between hive and Underhive. A large imposing blockhouse, the gate straddles the main route down; all other passages are sealed off for kilometres in all directions. This is also the headquarters of the local Sanctionary forces, and where Oath-Captain Nils is based. It is only due to the presence of the Purity Gate, a relatively recent addition to this region, that the Gallowsway has any Sanctionary presence at all.

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Gallowsway points of interest

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