Dark Pursuits

Stavros Mission Report: D001

Beginning Transmission, suspect unsecure line.

Entry 1:

Asset: Stavros

Location: Desoleum, Primus


Assignment began with search for information regarding our mission. The blonde proved useful in this regard. Despite her manner with people, she managed to get key information leading us to an individual with similar symptoms to those described by the other effected parties.

The blonde once again proved herself useful, eventually gaining us access to the individuals residence despite the reservations of the household staff. While waiting to meet with the individual, a commotion was overheard and we investigated. The individual was discovered to be in a poor state with many self inflicted wounds. An Object of Interest located on his desk. The individual was restrained and interrogated, offered up clues as to where the Object came from, reinforced by one of the individual’s staff.

We lodged at the blonde’s insistence in an, in my opinion, overly opulent accomodation. The brunette acquired supplies through her contacts before retiring for the night. The blonde may have been compromised by the Object of Interest and has been effected by hallucinacions. I myself have experienced a milder form of them and have been monitoring the situation closely.

Our investigation led us to an establishment lower in the hive, the suspected source of the Object were easily identified and initially talkative. They turned belligerent and were dealt with, interrogated and dispatched. Further investigations to commence tomorrow.

Transmission Ends.


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