Zax Holthane

Sable Trader


Name: Zax Holthane
Location: Three Stakes Rest, Desoleum
Alignment: Heretic
Crime: Dealing in contraband, Attempted murder of Inquisition personal, Murder, Possession of Heretical Material
Punishment: Execution – Currently pending
Status: Unknown – Presumed alive

5"10, completely bald. Protect by well-crafted flak armour covered by a standard leather tunic. His face is completely average except for a standard quality cyber eye wired across his face giving a dull red glow. Often seen with xeno weaponry, though has a Bolt Pistol and Auto Pistol to wield of his own, which he does with terrifying precision.


Ruthless and ambitious, Zax Holthane has polluted a dozen worlds with the unholy contraband of the Trade Sable. His business in Hive Desoleum has thus far been quite lucrative, and with the Babyfaces acting as intermediaries, he has sold to numerous wealthy nobles. Although Holthane deals in a variety of goods, as do most traders of his ilk, his specialty is weaponry of xenos origin. Curiously, Holthane never uses xenos weapons himself.

Zax managed to escape his first run in with the Acolyte party, and has not been seen since. Rumors are that the destruction of his smuggling ship has forced him off world, but it’s just as likely he is laying low until the Inquisition completes its business and moves on.

Zax Holthane

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