Vornas Crimson

Leader of the Red Walk


Like all Fleshcutters, Vornas is enamoured of bladed weapons. His wit is equally cutting, and he relishes his rule over Gantry and the many blood sports it offers. It is slowly becoming less enthralling, however, and he feels after one final victory it might be time to move on to a fresh area.


A renegade from the more established Red Lions gang closer to the Gallowsway, Vornas Crimson struck out on his own to form the Red Walk. He claimed the underhive settlement of Gantry as his cutting grounds and consolidated his local power by destroying or absorbing the other gangs in the area. Vornas is sadistic and utterly without remorse, but he is a surprisingly canny operator for one so savage. He bears his scars proudly, both those received in combat and the more ritualistic markings of the Red Lions and the Red Walk gangs.

Crimson had established himself as the law in Gantry and was positioning himself for wider expansion of his power and influence when all of his stratagems were upset by the betrayal of the arch-heretic Ferrue Fayne. That night, the dead rose from their foul, restless slumber to brutalise the living, dragging down half of the populace of Gantry and bringing the settlement to the very brink of destruction. It was enough to pry open the eyes of even an inveterate psychopath such as Vornas Crimson, who now feels it might be time to move on to other areas and gain new allies.

Vornas Crimson

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