Thallia Jocasta

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor


Jocasta stands 185cm tall; though well within standard deviations for a soldier of the Imperium, it was considered noteworthy for a woman of her home planet. Her eyes are a deep red, and a cause of uneasiness to many when coupled with her extremely pale complexion. Allegations that her eyes glow under certain lighting conditions have been investigated and discarded as signs of a witchmark. Long, straight, black hair hangs freely over intricately detailed plate amour – long since enhanced with modern technology since it was given to her for her heroics on the plant Choir.

For someone who has known a life of almost nothing but war, she physically shows no sign of having seen a battle in her life. It seems almost as if her body was frozen in time at twenty-five years of age. Her actions seem unnaturally smooth and deliberate; while not fast, they have a perverse grace to them, almost as if every movement is “floating”.

The position of Inquisitor across such a large network has meant she rarely fights anymore, but those who have seen her wield the massive sword kept at her side speak of incredible speed and accuracy. Surprisingly (or not) missing from the hushed talk is mention of any kind of firearm, a rare and dangerous move in world of the Inquisition.

Jocasta’s demeanour is passive, and her speech is quiet and collected, but combined they give off an air of authority and over-powering presence. Many have been known to fall to their knees when meeting her face-to-face, overcome with conflicting feelings of blissful clam and petrifying fear. Despite the huge power wielded, she still comes across as humble and caring, and those who meet with her have almost no ability to turn down a request she makes.


Born to unknown parents on the Feudal world of Choir, buried deep in the Beholden Reaches, Thallia Jocasta has always been known as special. Her deep red eyes an omen amongst the priests of her clan’s castle that the gods had sent her to unite the planet under her king’s rule.

Jocasta’s first foray into battle occurred at the age of fifteen. A rival clan’s siege had brought her fortress home to breaking point when she took up a sword, and with no training or physical protection, drove the invading army back. In the aftermath soldiers spoke of seeing an angel bathed in pure golden light, healing those who lay mortally wounded with nothing more than touch. These stories soon reached the opposing leaders, and through fear of inciting the god’s wrath, submitted without condition. Thus began the “Legend of the God’s Angel”, and a devastating 70 years of war, death, and suffering.

No less than half the planet was under the rule of Jocasta’s clan when external contact was first made. A fleet of enormous void craft cast shadows across the land, and dropships streaked the sky as if delivering the gods’ wrath to a civilization of war. Many cowered in fear at their inevitable destruction, desperately trying to repent for whatever they had done to call down such terrifying fury. Those who had heard of Jocasta’s legend rush to her, asking to be saved them from the eternity of suffering that seemed to await them.

Having never been one to believe the stories told about her, Jocasta was at a loss on what to do. Still, she could not let her people suffer; and marched an army of the kingdom’s best forces to the place where the metal omens were amassing. What she found was something she had never seen before: a massively diverse range of people and armours, and some of the most fantastical weapons she could ever have dreamed of. At the head was a man covered in impossibly thick iron, standing a full head above Jocasta’s not insubstantial height.

Not at all intimidated by the army standing in front of him, the man introduced himself as a servant of the God-Emperor, his arrival not the doomsday that the citizen’s feared, but a miracle opportunity to join the glorious Imperium of Man. Something about the way the man spoke stirred with Jocasta, giving her an irresistible feeling that these stories where nothing but truth, and this moment is what she had suffered so much war and suffering to achieve. And thus, Choir officially joined the Imperium.

Despite her planet being at peace and now part of something greater, Jocasta was still unfulfilled. The thought of other planets missing the glory of the Emperor’s rule disturbed her greatly. The drive to rectify eventually led her to leave Choir, and join a collection of different Rogue Trader crews and Imperial Missionary expeditions. Stories of her influence and abilities spread quickly throughout the Calixis Sector, eventually rousing the attention of the Inquisition.

Records of the Inquisition’s investigations are sealed, but the result speaks for itself; Jocasta was now an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. Starting with a warband of three hand-picked Acolytes she rapidly managed to expand her influence, and after no more than 100 years controlled a flotilla of void ships, thousands of acolytes, and became one of the most influential inquisitors in the Askellon sector.

Thallia Jocasta

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