Name: Suvfaeras
Location: The Deep Tunnels, Desoleum
Alignment: Daemon
Crime: Existing outside of the Emperors reality
Punishment: Banishment
Status: Banished

A terrifying visage, its flesh twisted and corrupt. Floating inches above the, warp energy flickering off the great beast, occasionally destroying all around it. Sometimes the energy is focused into a black abyss, surrounding the Daemon and protecting it from harm. Even more horrifying is when the energy is used for an unnatural burst of speed, allowing it shred anything the stands in its way.


Like all Daemonhosts, Suvfaeras is a foul and unholy thing, the very existence of which defies nature. Suvfaeras is unique in that, added to the silver chains and occult brands that bind its host body, charms and talismans of xenos origin adorn its blasphemous form. It is impossible to say if these objects were intended for such use or the heretics that bound Suvfaeras repurposed them.

While a Daemon may on rare occasion deign to inhabit the flesh of a moral indefinitely, such a state is akin to imprisonment for most denizens of the Warp. Indeed, Suvfaeras was unwittingly created in its current form by parties unknown who clearly possessed powerful and damnable knowledge. Upon escaping its stasis prison, Suvfaeras was initially weakened, perhaps an after-effect of the psychic choir that kept him subdued. Ever spiteful and bloodthirsty, its first act was to slaughter its wardens. Then, it prowled the undertunnels, slowly regaining its strength and plotting against its captors. Even after this body was destroyed, the Daemon remembers every slight, and surely will return to revisit its vengeance.


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