Somnius Halbrel



Name: Somnius Halbrel
Location: The Deep Tunnels, Desoleum
Alignment: Heretic
Crime: Dealing in contraband, Attempted murder of Inquisition personal, Murder, Possession of Heretical Material, Dealing with Daemons, Trading with Daemons, Binding of Daemons
Punishment: Execution – Currently pending
Status: Alive

6"0’, Halbrel is mostly machine at this point. A collection and mechadendrites extrude from his spine, and what is left of his skin is pale and almost dead. While still bearing mechanicus robes, they have been cared for very little, now tattered and almost at the point of being discarded.


Somnius Halbrel is a heretek of the worst kind. Expelled from the Mechanicum for his unsanctioned research into xenos anatomy, his experiments have become even more terrible in the years since. His obsession is the hybridisation of human and xenos, which he believes offers a path to perfection that surpasses even the promise of the machine. Though he is able to pass as an ordained Tech-Priest due to his knowledge of the Cult Mechanicus and his obvious cybernetics, closer inspection reveals the horrible truth. Halbrel is his own most promising test subject, having replaced much of his own remaining flesh with transplants from xenos or vat-grown genetic hybrids. He eagerly awaits the arrival of the Daemonhost to examine the xenos-relics used in binding its Warpinfused flesh.

After interrupting his plans to bind the Daemonhost Suvfaeras, Halbrel tried to destroy the smuggling craft but failed. Eventually tracking down both the Daemonhost and Acolytes. After witnessing Suvfaeras being banished back to the warp, he turned his anger on the acolytes, but once again failed. His entire party being wiped out, and himself being forced to retreat in order to save his own life.

Somnius Halbrel

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