Babyface Gang Leader


Name: Eldric “Skinner” Havofast
Location: The Screaming Wheel, Desoleum
Alignment: Heretic
Crime: Dealing in contraban, Attempted murder of Inquision personal, Murder
Punishment: Execution through fireing squad
Status: Deceased

6"3, obnoxiously styled red hair. His face covered almost entirely by a multi-faced golden mask, except for this mouth which constantly shows an arrogant and mischievous grin. He wears finely detailed and elaborate battle leathers, with a gold plater power sword in masterfully engraved sheath. His other leg holds a simple, yet over dressed up, autopistol.


The youngest son of the ancient and respected House Havofast, Eldric resented his siblings from a young age. After fatally stabbing his elder brother in a duel, he fled to the lower hive, where he joined up with the Babyfaces. Now, going by the name “Skinner,” Eldric freely indulges his violent and sadistic impulses. Even amongst the cruel Babyfaces, Skinner has a reputation for viciousness.

Upon first meeting with the acolytes, he was judged for his crimes and found guilty of Heresy. His punishment was immediate execution at the hands of Veleda.


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