Kaytian Nils

Oath-Caption of the Gallowsway Sanctionaries


Oath-Captain Kaytian Nils is an experienced and competent Sanctionary officer, who keeps her uniform pressed and her skills honed. Unlike many Sanctionaries, she truly believes in obeying the law to which so many of her peers pay only lip service. Nils would sooner die than accept a bribe or otherwise shirk her duties, and would willingly enforce her morals on any fellow Sanctionaries found wanting.


Tough and determined, Nils knows her latest posting to the Gallowsway is possibly a punishment for her prosecutions against several crooked (but connected) merchants in the Main Hive. The recent mass killing is beyond her scope, though, and if she can see it resolved, it could mean a better posting—or at least a better smelling one.

Kaytian Nils

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