Dark Pursuits

Warband Returned: From the graveyard to the void

=== The following report appears corrupted, with key but vague elements able to be extracted from the compromised data:

-The thousands of dead pilgrims are stacked and burned under direction from Lox, guarded by armsmen from the Oath Unspoken.

-Stav and Lox collect Vel and return to the oath unspoken, leaving brief and complex orders to the armsmen and Rector Pyre respectively.

-Morrinoe was on board the returning craft, discussion with acolytes full of mystery.

-On Oath Unspoken, Vel is treated and recieves a bionic arm. Report regains completion from this point.===

Aboard the bridge, the warband met with the Lord Captain, who described their destination (an unaligned flotilla for Rogue Trader parley, replenishment and exchange) before offering the services of his Astropath for Lox to contact Davris Wolfe. A number of decreasingly edited reports would be sent to Wolfe, who, concerned, would insist on a meeting on their flotilla destination.

Many meals, storytellings with the captain and requisitions in the drunnels would follow.

Beneath greater encryptions, Vel’s personal notes follow:

“Lord Inquisitor Jocasta, I fear for the purity of our warband. Stavros is showing blatant and virulent mutation, Loxley secrets away knowledge, personal demons and loses moments of time during which many of the Emperor’s loyal followers die and I fear the energies on the periphery of my senses are signs of the first emergence of the psyker within me.

Though I feel our efforts and methods are becoming more skillful and successful with time, the toll on our bodies and minds is increasing. I hope a merciful, cleansing hand is ready when our potential for disaster completely eclipses our capacity to exert the Emperor’s will.

A sanctioned Eldar in Lord Captain Anzaforr’s crew could see this conflict within our warband clearer than we could. I would heed more of the subtle warnings behind the xeno’s barbs, but all that we know as acolytes says the xenos cannot be trusted. I know of no greater presence of Eldar in the sector, and yet I cannot explain this xeno woman’s movements or purpose.

I feel I must face the inherent risks of opening my mind and eyes to knowledge beyond my station, and learn more of psykers and xenos, if I am to continue to successfully serve the Inquisition to greater and greater extent.

I plead that you see through these many reports that knowledge has been our greatest ally against heresy, and that it may yet unravel more of the smuggling trade that is central to our efforts."


Gir Adamania

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