Dark Pursuits

Warband Offworld: Lurching into the Warp

If you are reading this then you have acquired and decrypted a dataslate intended for an Inquisitor, the dangers of which, if they are not already apparent to you, are incredibly dire.

What follows is a report entry for an extended Inquisitorial mission, currently in multiple-week warp transit from Desoleum to the planetary system of Thaur. Occuring aboard the void craft Oath Unspoken.

Updated Mission brief: Continue investigation into proliferation and trade of xenos or archeo technology by Trade Sable. Source of newest lead located aboard Oath Unspoken, between the ash-covered ruins of Desoleum and the hallowed spires of Thaur. Safety of population at risk is an auxilliary concern to the discovery of conspirators and extraction of technology.

Need for anonymity by acolytes: Absolute. Exposure as extension of the Inquisition will result in extreme endangerment of warband members and attainment of mission.

Report begins within a lander shuttle as it docked aboard Oath Unspoken. The warband, weary and ignorant of their situation, departed the lander and attempted to gain their bearings. The lander pilot proved a poor source of information, with signage and ship structure also largely unfamiliar. Of note, despite being immaculately maintained, the large cargo hold was remarkably absent of supplies and had a limited complement of lander craft. Unattentive servitors busy themselves with other tasks, taking no note of the warband.

In an attempt to find shipboard security and better intel, the warband departs the bay through one of the few person-sized doorways. Beyond the warband are drawn to a chant, identified by Lox as a psalm to the Emperor’s glory. Led to the source, the warband enter a large storage hall, clearly converted to an improvised cathedral, with over a thousand singing souls (identified by Lox as probable pilgrims). A priest leading the sermon and song from the presbytery catches Lox’s interest as an honest figure of sworn duty to the highest power, thus a reliable asset and confidant of the acolytes’ mission. Crossing the cathedral however, Lox’s few subtle symbols of faith shine like the Astronomicon to the pilgrims, and the braver of their number begin to crowd around her. Demonstrating her genuine belief and revealing her intent to speak with the head priest, Lox is escorted by mob to the door to a side chamber, the priests’ personal sanctuary.
Vel and Stav are comparatively swamped within the crowd and elect to stay within it.

Lox is joined in the sanctuary by the priest, a man of advanced age who introduced himself as Nessiah Lazarun, and who appeared to have little to his name but his title and faith. After making clear her own fidelity known as well as her reverance of those of his position, Lox is able to procure some information, such as the name of the vessel (Oath Unspoken), the name of the Rogue Trader dynasty (House Anzaforr) that commands the ship, the intended destination of the vessel (Thaur, revealed just as the plasma engines audibly ceased, the gellar field rose and the vessel lurched into the warp) and that the Rogue Trader Captain Anzaforr himself was on board, suggesting that this is his flagship and is charting a regular pilgrimage route through Imperium sectors.

Before leaving Lazarun’s presence, Lox unilaterally gambled the knowledge of the warband’s Inquisition employ by sharing it with Lazarun. Her goal in doing so was to procure assistance from him and his pilgrims in the holy (if wholly secret) task of gathering intelligence on strange goings-on aboard the vessel, as even the crew of the Oath Unspoken are under investigation. Lazarun agrees to assist with the investigation in full, while also maintaining the acolytes’ measure of anonymity.

Lox filled Stav and Vel in on proceedings before suggesting the warband head to The Drunnels, as suggested by Lazarun, to seek medical assistance and supplies. Following instructed routes the acolytes reached the Drunnels quickly, finding an expansive, sprawling bazaar of exotic and ecclesiarchical wares and services. Vel swiftly recognised the entertainers plying their talents amongst the stalls from extensive requisition requests during her time in the administratum. She warned that these entertainers charge to be viewed, voluntarily or not.

Applying her commercial and logical talents, Vel quickly gambled a supply of ship-board scrit and searched out resources for the warband, including highest quality feudal-world plate from a proud smith, and a crude replacement nose for Stav. While Stav carefully acquired a quality biotic ear to replace the one he lost, Lox sought extended medical care from the sororitas and chirurgeons of the mission. Careful surgical work would see the successful reattachment of her arm. Had the warband acted with less medical caution and speed, Lox would’ve needed another biotic arm.

With Lox undergoing major surgery and recovery, Vel and Stav attempted to gather intelligence on the inner workings of Oath Unspoken. With little initial success, the acolytes spotted familiarly garbed figures negotiating with an arms trader in a quieter area of the Drunnels. An attempt to eavesdrop on the conversation revealed the cultists attempts to procure large quantities of weapons on the ship. Stav’s inconspicuous new armour could only go unnoticed for so long, and agitated questions about his presence led to bloody conflict. Stav coming through wounded but alive, a large transaction of ship scrit bought the trader’s agreement that the random attack could have been caused by anyone. No additional details of the cultists’ presence could be determined.

Departing the scene quickly, Stav and Lox asked for directions from security to resolve an “accommodation issue” for the acolytes. A long journey and longer wait at the appropriate offices was rewarded with a much more fruitful accommodation error, as the warband were escorted to one of the highest level rooms aboard the vessel. A night of recovery would see the warband recombined at the room, ready to return to the investigation.


Gir Adamania

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