Dark Pursuits

Warband Offworld: Aboard the Oath Unspoken

If you are reading this then you have acquired and decrypted a dataslate intended for an Inquisitor, the dangers of which, if they are not already apparent to you, are incredibly dire.

What follows is a report entry for an extended Inquisitorial mission, currently in multiple-week warp transit from Desoleum to the planetary system of Thaur. Occuring aboard the void craft Oath Unspoken.

Updated Mission brief: Continue investigation into proliferation and trade of xenos or archeo technology by Trade Sable. Source of newest lead located aboard Oath Unspoken, between the ash-covered ruins of Desoleum and the hallowed spires of Thaur. Safety of population at risk is an auxilliary concern to the discovery of conspirators and extraction of technology.

Need for anonymity by acolytes: Absolute. Exposure as extension of the Inquisition will result in extreme endangerment of warband members and attainment of mission.

Report begins at the start of the second day in the void, after the warband has recuperated and recovered. Intending to proceed to the Basilica Unspoken, the acolytes immediately encounters a contingent of Ship Security at their door, who insist the warband be escorted to Captain Anzaforr himself.

Erring caution towards the ship’s most powerful occupant, the warband prepares their story and then agrees to be escorted to the ship’s spire. In an art filled banquet hall the acolytes are invited to sit and partake of a meal with Lord Captain Anzaforr and his closest crew-members. Before the acolytes can explain themselves Anzaforr makes his knowledge of their true titles clear.

The acolytes’ begrudging honesty is rewarded with the promise of Anzaforr’s complete cooperation in their investigations. Through this, the warband has some questions answered. The Oath Unspoken is making the lucrative corpse-transport journey from noble populations to the Thaur Shrine world, to refill the Anzaforr dynasty’s coffers during an expensive conflict with another dynasty. Amongst his bridge crew is a sanctioned Eldar named Morrinoe who has a long history with the captain and may possess divination abilities. His seneschal, H’Len, is the facilitator of all his orders and is of inevitable suspicion to the acolytes. Any large deposits of weaponry on the ship are to be more carefully guarded given the cultist activity, but Anzaforr will do his best to maintain the acolytes’ dwindling anonymity. The following meal is uneventful

On return from the spire a malfunction in the gellar field allows a warp incursion within the ship, one room behind the acolytes. The sight of the beings that breach forth, two flighted beasts called furies, is enough to incapacitate Stav and grip Lox with overwhelming fear. Vel, the only willing combatant but not equipped with her signature weapon, puts Lox to the task of hauling their unconscious ally out of danger. Their swift efforts allow their escape to a side chamber without being noticed by the marauding furies. Once Stav and Lox are safe from harm, Vel joins the Ship security flooding the hall to face their fear. With their assistance Vel is even able to eliminate a fury herself.

The acolytes return to legwork, their inquiries discerning that two different cults that they have already encountered, are at war with one another. “The Songers” are native to desoleum and are garbed in red while “The Inheritors” are from Thaur and wear black cloaks. All leads point to the corpse holds of the ship, where the two cults are in open conflict.


Gir Adamania

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