Dark Pursuits

Warband's Second Mission

Extension Day 1

If you are reading this then you have acquired and decrypted a dataslate intended for an Inquisitor, the dangers of which, if they are not already apparent to you, are incredibly dire.

What follows is the first report entry for an extended Inquisitorial mission on the planet of Desoleum in the Askellon Sector.

Updated Mission brief: Continue investigation into xenos or archeo technology located at scene of high body count skirmish in a charnel house of Desoleum’s lower hive. Safety of population at risk is an auxilliary concern to the discovery and extraction of technology, as well as the destruction of any further dispersal of the material in question, and cleansing of all associated with it.

Need for anonymity by acolytes: Escalated

Report begins after the successful extermination of great heresy in the Port Gyre underport:
Lox, Stav and Vel, satisfied with the cleansing of exposure already enacted in the underport, returned to the main Desoleum hive.

Intercepted by local Adeptus Arbites before returning to lodgings, a situational report revealed that all sites had been secured by arbites and overseen by inquisition bodies. The Warband themselves are escorted to other accommodation before being contacted with new orders.

Acolyte Wol (Full name withdrawn) delivers instructions regarding the mission stated above via dataslate. Support of investigation includes forged oathcogs for identification and access to the areas around the scene and coordination with Arbites Oat Captain Kaytian Nils.

Sector of incident, Gallow’s Way mortuary processing. Specific site, Fayne Charnel house.

Scene is 6 hours cold. Multiple mutilated bodies, some stripped, others wearing workers’ clothing and oathcogs of the house. Vel assess the stripped corpses as being much older, potentially reanimated for the attack.

Central to the close-quarters carnage, a clothed body, propped up and adorned with a pendant instead of an oath cog (on further scrutiny, identified as a shard of unknown origin looped on twine). Lox once again braves exposure to the unknown, carefully taking and storing the artefact.

No witnesses of event ongoing, Sanctuaries who found and secured the site provide little information beyond rumours of the dead attacking the living. A damaged oath cog is found beneath furniture nearby, reading identification of Darnis Fayne, high position holder in the house according to Captain Nils. Position of employment unknown at time.

Upon suggestion by Sanctuaties and Captain Nils, the warband opt to canvas three dominant charnel houses, Vlador (38), Keth (9) and Gyas (5), in that order.

Eris Vlador, elderly stewardess of house Vlador, provides information as follows: Darnis Fayne has two brothers, are all suspicious, rarely at their house and perhaps operating outside of Gallow’s Way.

Eris provides the warband food and, despite desperate negotiations by Lox, food consumption is the price for information. The hallucinatory effect of the food convinces Vel of crawling danger from the walls, Lox of the need to protect her ally at sword’s edge and Stav of his ability to fly. Captain Nils, after apparent risk of choking, is confused but unaffected. Eris shows minor response to the influence before disappearing.

Pursuing more information, the fearful doorman at House Keth knows nothing of the brothers Fayne, provides a belated warning of Eris Vlador’s culinary provisions and otherwise rambles, the only noteworthy statements being: “Down below where the bodies go” and “It’s in the marrow where the matter lies”.

The final house, Gyas, is far more affluent, and Jayir Gyas is knowledgable and forthcoming, revealing that Gangers are believed to be stealing bodies from the Mortuarius, where Darius Fayne worked. Post-inquiry Captain Nils shares that Jayir Gyas used to be a Sanctuary and is not above suspicion as a conspirator.

The warband follows a remaining, albeit weak, lead at the Scrap Market, one of the busy trade hubs for the charnel houses of the area. Brief inquiries direct the warband to Cog Lostok, the most influential trader of the market and recipient of extensive cybernetics.

Lostok, disatisfied with the warband’s inventory for trade, proposes his knowledge in exchange for a favour. Within the nearby Drains a ganger lieutenant by the name of Facebiter.

Members of The Red Walk gang are quickly found within the Drains but peaceful negotiations rapidly break down. The warband suffers minimal injury and clues suggest one of the dispatched gangers is Facebiter. Presenting to Lostok a butcher’s blade engraved with the initials of the ganger’s assumed name, he is satisfied with the decreased competition to his business and acquiesces his half of the agreement.

One of the brothers, Tormus Fayne, has left Desoleum alive. The other, Ferrue Fayne, is embroiled in illicit dealings, facilitating a corpse trade with the Red Walk gang through his records position at the Mortuarius Offices.

Upon leaving Lostok’s establishment, Lox is assaulted by an armed mugger, who is able to relieve Lox of the shard artefact. Numbering four assailants in total, the busy foot traffic of the encounter makes attack difficult, and while Stav claims a target and Lox takes the upper hand in the struggle, her hold breaks and three of the cloaked attackers abscond with the artefact into the labrynthine Drains. The cluttered, soaked conditions prove too much for Lox’s ability to pursue the fleeing attackers and Stav takes the lead, both deftly and indomitably charging through all obstacles. His quick reflexes lead to opportunities for Vel to take down the foes at range. The warband is able to reacquire the artefact but is lost within the Drains, hopefully near their only lead. The Mortuarium.

Vel’s Notes, on loose wet paper:
- Ate some awesome food. Could have killed me.
- Gangers are pushovers.
- Stav is much better at running than we are.


Gir Adamania

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